Red Rising Part 4 - Reaper

Before I even started Part Four I knew I wasn't emotionally prepared for what was about to happen.  I did the math before I shoved on, one hundred and seventeen pages.  That was what stood between me and the end of this book.  Nothing had been solved yet.  All we had found out was who the Jackal really is.  Well, that and Cassius is sort of a fool, but let's be honest.  If you hadn't learned that guy was good at nothing but making mistakes and using  a Razor, you weren't paying attention.  With just over a hundred pages for the book to finish, I knew it wasn't going to be good.


Things started off a little rough, Darrow wasn't doing so hot.  Lucky for him someone owed him a pretty big debt, even more lucky that this person was the one to find Darrow while he was down.  For a little while things  were okay, and for a split second I thought, hey maybe it won't get bad.  Why would I do such thing?!  I've made it through three parts of this books.  I've seen the things these Proctors have forced teenagers to do.  I should have known better.


Everything escalates quickly, but not in a way that I found the plot was lacking a reason.  As soon as Darrow figures out the endgame, he devises a plan.  From that point the action and plot are nonstop.  You start to see the leader that Darrow might yet still become in the later books.  I saw him learning from the mistakes he'd made up at the start of the Institute's game.  He played the game with mind of Red, in the body of a Gold. Only no one seemed to noticed because he changed the paradigm.  He made them all fear him.


They thought he'd fall.


There is a part of this book that I will never forgive Pierce Brown for.  He made me fall in love with a character in Reaper that up until I had no love loss for until we really got to them.  Why, dude?!  Just why?!  Did it have to be like that?!  I ugly cried, on my couch, clutching the cat.  I almost didn't want to finish book, but the part of me that needed to know how Darrow was going to do.  So I was forced to pull myself together so I cheer on Darrow.  Only to have my heartbeat for him when the newest nice thing in his life nearly was pulled away from.


Part Four of Red Rising was jammed back with action and answers to all the questions.  Did it go the way wanted?  Not really, but I understand why it had to end the way it did. The ending felt right to me after, even now two days later.  The questions that needed answered, were in fact answered.  I like that some of the bigger things were still left open.  It gives a reason for a second book, Goldon Son, and a third one, Morning Star.  I just hope Darrow gets to keep his one nice thing, she's good for him.  


"I am the spark that will set the worlds afire.  I am the hammer that cracks the chains."

Darrow - Part Four Red Rising