Bout of Books Day 4


Day 4!  Well my day didn't go exactly how I had planned.  Once home from the vet I started on house work that turned into me sort of deep cleaning my office.  Which then turned into me dealing with the after effects of taking the little dude to the vets.  Between the car ride and the meds he got a little sick.  So the blanket fort turned into a nest, because if I'm up moving around most of the time so is Maxwell.  So I got a bit of reading done while he slept off his upset stomach.  Monstrous is nearly halfway finished and I'm a section farther into Quotable Doctor Who.  But, between Maxwell's purring and the nest I took a nap.  Now I've cooked dinner, caught up with my sister's day, and doing a post before diving back into my nest to read the night away.  


The Bout Challenge today is from Bingeing On Book, and I think it's my favorite one of the week.  It's the Villain Mash-Up and I knew immediately who my first villain would be.  Jim Moriarty.


Maybe it's because the Sherlock special just aired and Andrew Scott's portrayal of the Professor amuses me to no end, but it could also my that I've been Sherlockian long before I knew what a Sherlockian was.  So when asked to pit two villains up against each other, it was no hard reach to know who my first choice would be.


So who would I put Professor Moriarty up against?  It honestly didn't take me long to think of worthy adversary.  One of my favorite fantasy series I've stumbled across is Joe Abercrombie's First Law Series.  So for villain number two I picked Bayaz.


The Adventure of the Final Problem -  Arthur Conan Doyle  VS  The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie  


Personally I feel this would be the ultimate battle of wits and patience.  Moriarty is called the Napoleon of Crime for a reason.  His schemes were well thought out down to the last detail.  The Professor was the only man smart enough to out smart Sherlock Holmes.  So he needs an adversary just as smart.  I think Bayaz is that man.  Bayaz waited years for his revenge and he set the stage for it perfectly.  He played every single person around him so well none of them realized what was happening until it was so late.  In a book where everyone lost, Bayaz managed to win.  In fact I think they would get bored of trying to out smart each other, and if that happened Moriarty would find a way to neutralize Bayaz's magical ability.  Personally I don't think the Magi stands a chance, but I think it would a sight to behold those to battling it out.  Even if my money was on the Math Professor the whole time.