Bout of Books Day 6


Whelp, I got about three chapters worth of reading down between when I ordered dinner and when it arrived at my door.  What I thought was about to be a quiet day at work turned out to be a all of a swarmed by all the people needing all the cupcakes.  So I was late getting home, but hey at least it was an easy fix.  I do plan on reading myself asleep tonight because I need to know how Monstrous ends.  I mean I'm pretty sure I know how it's going to ends, maybe eighty percent sure.  Sleep is for the weak!  My day tomorrow is just long not exactly hard.  There will definitely be more reading time tomorrow.


There was in fact a bookish challenge today by Once Upon a Chapter and it was all about a Comfy Reading Spot.   Last night I posted the reading nest that has taken over the floor of my office.  I also have a leather couch, a Unicorn we call Captain Sparkles, and a popuson chair that I've been known to curl up on to read.  Though I mostly only used the popuson in the summer when I can drag it out onto our patio.


Now, I'm going to grab my cat and my tea and curl up in my bed.  I feel the need to read about teenager monsters, dragons, and evil wizards!