It's a Book Review

It's a Book - Lane Smith

A copy of this wonderful thing was given to me for my birthday by my Mim (or grandmother).  The story behind why goes a bit like this: another copy of this book had been removed from my former Elementary School Library because of the word used at the end.  Anyway, this peaked Mim's interested and she proceeded to get me a copy, and I am so very glad she did just that.


I adored this book so very much, and I cannot thank Mim and my Aunt (who told her about it) for adding this gem to my collection.   It's not really meant for kids, despite the look on the cover, but it had me laughing as a flipped through each page.  I have to say I've had a few conversations that go kind of just like the one in the book.  Personally I think it's a cute little book most book lovers will enjoy.