Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Review

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Illustrated Classics): A Graphic Novel - Robert Louis Stevenson, Andrzej Klimowski, Danusia Schejbal, Metro Media

This was an impulse buy for me while at Half Price Books.  Part of it was the cover art and the other was of course the subject matter.  One of my favorite books is in fact Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Add on the fact it's in graphic novel form, sold!  Sadly I was really disappointed with this one.  I read it earlier this year and I'm having a hard time really remembering the art work, and looking back at Goodreads doesn't tell me much.  I just know I sped read a good portion of the book already knowing how it was going to end.  For a book that once scared the daylights out of me, the graphic novel version sort of just bored me.