Sons of Moriaty Review

Sons of Moriarty and More Stories of Sherlock Holmes - Loren D. Estleman

Like with most short story collections, there were some that I enjoyed much more than others.  As I whole though I did enjoy the entire book.  Loren D. Estlemen seems to put together a very well rounded collection of Sherlock stories every single time, and his  story always seems to be my favorite of them all.  However, compared to the first collection of Sherlockian stories I read from Mr. Estlemen, this one wasn't quite as I good.  I didn't quite like quite as many stories from this collection, and I think that was why it took me so long to get through it despite it being only a little over two hundred pages.  I had to convince myself to get through one story to make it to the next, but I am looking forward to reading the third collection in the same Sherlock genre that just recently came out from Mr. Estlemen.