Maplecroft Review

Maplecroft - Cherie Priest

Let me start with what I liked about this book. The cover was what drew me the moment I saw. Then to see it is in fact a book about Lizzie Borden, but after the murder of her father and step mother. Now the book had my full attention.  I  even enjoyed the way this book was written: letters and journal entries. The pace for the book was good and it was hard to put down. The mysterious Inspector was one of my favorite parts. I still want to know who he really was and who he worked for!! 


Now, for what I didn't so much enjoy about this one.

There were a few characters I didn't like. Nancy was one that I just couldn't stand. Her attitude annoyed me and I honestly didn't like her chapters. At the start I liked Emma. I loved her strong will and her brains. I liked that she didn't let her illness get her down, and instead she used the part that worked the best.  Despite being a women.  As the story went I started to dislike Emma more and more. It started with her issues with Dr. Owen, who all of sudden she just couldn't trust him.  I fell like it was sort of out of character for her almost.  Like she should have understood the reason behind the tiny betrayal of trust, because for me as the reader, I felt it was tiny.

As for the ending,  I wish the battle scene would have been a little more. Which is probably more of a personal preference than anything else.  I wouldn't have minded a gory fight scene between Lizzie, and to avoid spoilers, the thing she was in fact fighting. I sort of wish there would have been a bit more to the ending with our three main characters than what was given.  Of course I see there is a second book, so maybe that's were more of the fall out between the trio is. 

In the end I enjoyed the first half, maybe a bit more of this book.  I am glad to have picked up and I will probably pick up the second book at some point.