Zombie Island Review

Zombie Island - Lori Handeland

Zombie Island is the sequel to Shakespeare Undead, a book that tells the story of William Shakespeare if he was in fact a vampire.  It's a series I stumbled across by accident and I honestly enjoyed the first book.  So when Zombie Island popped up on Book Outlet I had to order it.  As soon as it arrived I put it on the top of my reading pile, because I remembered how much I enjoyed the first book two years ago.  Come on, a vampire Shakespeare who fights zombies with his Dark Lady.  I was sold.


This book though, was not as good as the first.  It was okay, fun in parts, but it just sort of fell flat for me.  I felt like the plot was lacking in places, like how could the only people on one small island not bump into each other more often.  How Kathryn and Shakespeare started questioning their lives together all of sudden, even though it hadn't been a problem in the first book.  Which caused more problems toward the end, only the book ends before our heroes even get to England to fix what they let sail away from Zombie Island.  I'm all over the end of books to be open and not all the questions being answered, but to not now if our villain gets his revenge or if our heroes succeeded. Then what was the point of all the circles we just ran on that island?  Maybe there was a plan for a third book, maybe there still is...


Then there was the need to remind everyone about Shakespeare's "amazing" vampire abilities.  This is the second book, personally it felt excessive.  I already know Shakespeare can do so pretty awesome, and very gory, things as a vampire.  There was also this constant reminder of the fact he was dead.  He is a vampire and that is sort the downside to that.  Of course now I'm getting a bit picky because vampires, love the genre.


All together I just sort of liked the second book in the Undead series.  I do like the way Handeland rights Shakespeare himself, and the world she created around the Bard being one of the undead.  If a third book does get published I'm sure it will find it's way into my reading pile.