Well Hello There!

WHOA! Look at all that review spam down there.  All of those reviews came first because I was updated my 2015 Reading Challenge here on BookLikes.  They came from my Goodreads account, though most have of gone through a much needed edit.   I posted them before this for two reasons: one so I could feel for everything here on BookLikes and because they came before this blog.  Reviewing books is something I've started doing more passionately this year.  Which lead me to finally deciding to start my first blog.


My Book Life is exactly as it states, my passion for the books I read.  Books have been a huge part of my life since I was a kid.  Something I got from my Grandmother and my Mom, but I don't think either of them realized just how much that legacy would mean to me.  Two full bookcases, a dream of having my own book published, and no a blog later.  They are the reason I love books and now I have a way to share that with others.


For me reading has never really just been a hobby, it's a way of life.


I want this blog to be contain more than just my thoughts and opinions on the books that I read.  This is to be about my entire book life: from my stacked bookcases, library finds, book hauls, photos of what and where I'm reading, and maybe little tidbits of my own book I'm trying to write.  I want this blog to hold the records the books that come into my life and the bookish adventures that come my way.  With this blog I want to share all of that with everyone who stumbles onto this page, and meet people with the same sort of passions as my own.


PS - I really need to thank an amazing friend for my graphics, because I wouldn't  have managed anything this good without her!  Thank Sio!!