Supernatural Enhancements Review

The Supernatural Enhancements - Edgar Cantero

A week has passed since I finished this book, and I'm sitting here struggling to find the right way to describe this book without giving too much away.  Maybe I should start with how I found out about Supernatural Enhancements.  I had a day off work and was wondering about the library and the cover, however, was what caught my eye.  The description on the inside of the dust jacket caught my attention: long lost relatives, haunted house, secret society, paranormal going ons.  I was sold.


The story inside Supernatural Enhancements isn't told as much as it's seen, through letters, Niamh's notes, security cameras, A's journal, etc.  Basically the book is set up like any of the ghost hunting shows on television, and I'd never seen a book written in quite this way.  All of this was the reason I added the book to my library haul a month ago, but only a fraction of why I couldn't put it down.


Our main character, who we only know as A, is a likable main character who has come into a small fortune and a haunted house.  His mute friend Niamh was probably my favorite character throughout the whole book.  She proved that just because you can't speak doesn't mean you can't kick some serious butt.  A. couldn't have had a better protector.


Supernatural Enhancements is only partly a ghost story, in the sense that there is a ghost, and that's all I say about that.  Pieces of that part of the plot lead to bigger things later.  The other part felt like something out of the X-Files when you start to undercover what exactly the Well's patriarchs got themselves involved in.


Basically this book was a wild ride from the second that our two main characters stepped foot into Axton House.  The ending was, I'm still not completely over it.  Everything just escalated so quickly, and I was left with so many questions about so many things.  Answers I might get answered if Edgar Cantero does in fact right another book inside this universe, but I was told that I was only meant to get a glimpse of wonderful things.  And boy where the wonderful and horrible and only a glimpse.


After I finally finished the last page I couldn't believe it was over.  It was wonderfully spooky and was a great book to read on the patio at night curled up in my Batman blanket.  It's also I hard book to review because it's so very different.  Without a doubt Supernatural Enhancements is one of my favorites of 2015.  Hands down in fact.  Fully recommend for X-Files fans, paranormal fans, or just someone looking for something a bit different and a bit twisted.  I also need my own copy of this book for my own collection, because I feel the need to re-read this later on.  In case I missed something the first time around.