Library Day

Recently I just moved into a new town, which meant a new library.  On my first full day off from work I went in to get my card as well as a few books before having to come back home to finish unpacking.  I'd just spent two weeks living out of boxes before the move, I wasn't doing it after.  Today however I had no time limit, and I have put myself on a book buying hiatus to prepare from my brother's first trip out to see me.  He will be here for his birthday I plan on spoiling him rotten since I've missed the last three birthdays living so far away.


Needless to say I might have gonna a little crazy, but hey, free books!  Plus my library is pretty epic, so I pretty much have all of July to work my through the pile.  Most of these are actually on my TBR list somewhere, a couple just sounded interesting so they came home too.


All-in-all I went home with 10 books and 1 graphic novel:



I'm pretty excited to bust into this mountain of books.  In fact, I've already figured out where I'm going to start.  One of my many bookmarks has already been shoved inside of one.  I might even read more than one at a time which is something I generally don't do.  I get pulled so deep into one I forgot about the other.  Looks like it's going to be a pretty good month for books, July!