My Rating System

My promotion has definitely taken some getting use to with my new hours, and getting into a routine of my life outside of work has been tricky. I'm trying to get into a routine, but it's summer here.  Which means it's almost time for my baby brother to be out for his birthday.  So while my blog has been a little on the quiet side, I've still been lurking around.  I saw a lot of others blogging about their own rating system, and I wanted to throw in my own.


5 Stars: I was blown away by this book.  Everything about it was amazing and couldn't stop reading.  I have probably gushed about this book to anyone who asks about what I'm reading.  In fact I might of had to tried not to fangirl too much in my review.


4 Stars: I really liked the book.  I was engaged with it because of the plot, the characters, the writing style, the world building, or a combination of all of them.  Only, there was something about the book I wasn't a fan of.  Maybe it was something small or a glaring plot issue, whatever it was it kept me fully loving it.  I still totally recommend it, though. It's a good book and I enjoyed reading it.


3 Stars: Eh, the book was okay.  It probably took me longer than it should of to finish it because I kept pulling away from it.  There were definitely parts of this book I liked, but the book just didn't pull at my attention.  I will still recommend it to a certain type of reader, what type would depend on the book.


2 Stars: I honestly didn't like the book.  It just wasn't there for me, nothing really reached out and grabbed me.  I had issues with characters, plot, the world building, or I just couldn't get with the writing style.  Something just turned me off from this book and I had truck my way through it.


1 Star: This was a DNF book. I tried, probably tried again in case I just wasn't in the right type of mood for the book the first time, but I just couldn't do it.  There could be many reasons, or just one reason, but something put me off about this book.


Half Stars: I don't normally use the half star option.  For the most parts it's because I came from Goodreads and that site doesn't allow for them.  When I do pop out a half star it's because I'm sitting on the fence between one star to another.  Usually there's one little thing keeping me from popping it from one level to another.


Well, there it is, how I rate my books.  I've had a few books start out as one rating and switch to another.  There have also been books that before I even start reading I think it's going to go one way, and have it be another.  In the end this is how I decide how to rate my books.