My little Houdini act

Well, maybe not entirely like Houdini because I didn't disappear completely.  I checked my dashboard off and on for the last two weeks. I haven't gone away though!  Over the last two weeks I've been gearing up for my little brother and Grandmother coming out for a visit.  It meant working a full week to make sure I didn't really loose any of my hours and to help keep myself in a routine at work.  I'm still learning how to run a shop and its crew.  Then this last week I've had my family in town and celebrating the little brother's birthday!!  Now I'm catching back up on my sleep that I lost while they were here, because we had to do all the things.  It was an awesome trip and I was sad to see the two of them get back on the plane to go home, but the brother has school soon and I had to go back to my shop.


My week away wasn't all lost.  I not only got to show them the brand new house and job, but my life out here that I've carved for myself in the book and writing community.  Which was cool to see how proud my Grandma was, and it was so great to have my brother around.  We are super close and the long distance between us really sucks.  


All that being said my Grandma also helped me get some things ready for my next few blog posts, even though she doesn't fully understand what I do here.  Texting, e-mails, and online shopping are still new for her.  I have a small book haul to throw up.  I think I got some fun books during their visit.  I'm sure everyone will get sick of my posts as I play catch up with wrap-ups, a couple of reviews that I haven't had sit down time to write up, and my goals for August.  Cause, holey monkeys I can't believe July is actually over.  

Where did the month go??


So yeah, that's why my blog has gone two weeks without a decent post.  Family, gotta love them.  Plus, it looks like I'm going to get a set schedule at my job which I cannot even tell anyone how much I love that!  It means I get back into a reading schedule for my mountain of TBR piles I have, and I can set a writing schedule.  NaNo is right around the corner!