August TBR

Half the World (Shattered Sea) - Joe Abercrombie Half a War (Shattered Sea) - Joe Abercrombie A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore

So not a single book on my TBR pile got read last month.  Why?  Well, it's because other things came into my life that I felt the need to read more.  If I force myself to read something I'm not in the mood for, then most of the time it takes an entire month to read it and usually I just don't enjoy it.  Which isn't really fair to author when I do my review, or to me who wants to read for fun.  So this month the TBR pile got ignored for other books that came into my life.  Also, I feel like I piled a lot onto myself considering it was a busy month and I knew it would be.  The solution was to scour my book shelves and pick the three, or four, I felt I need to finally get to.  I refuse stress over reading when it's suppose to my escape from the stress of work.  All that said it was pretty easy to pick the three books I needed to get to this month.


Half the World and Half a War - I've lumped them together because they are a series.  In fact they are the last two books in the Shattered Sea Trilogies.  All of my excuses for putting off the second book are gone.  I can in fact now know who it ends without waiting for the last installment. 


A Dirty Job - Seeing as how Christopher Moore will be in town in a couple of weeks to talk about this series, I need to jump on the first book.  I missed out on meeting him last year when this book came out.  This year I will not miss out on him being here for the release of the second book.