Book Haul

The Winter Queen - Boris Akunin, Andrew Bromfield The Norse Myths (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) - Kevin Crossley-Holland The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights - John Steinbeck Rustication - Charles Palliser The Book of Air and Shadows - Michael Gruber


So as I added the books that I gathered for this haul, I realized none of my covers match what BookLikes has in their system.  Well, one does actually, The Book of Air and Shadows cover is the same.  The other's, not so much.  Still, these are the titles I collected while book shopping with Mim, also known as my Grandma.


We only did one book trip because this visit was all about my brother.  It was, after all, his birthday.  Lucky for us we had a rainy afternoon the day the flew into town, so our hike had to be postponed a few hours.  Which meant time for Mim and I to nerd out in the bookstore while my brother sat in a chair and gave us funny looks.  My love of books comes from my Grandma and we can talk about them for hours even though we read completely different types of books.


I'm pretty excited about all these books and I'm hoping I'll manage to get to all of them this year, but let's be honest, my TBR pile is an entire bookshelf of books.  Only one of them will for sure happen this year and that is Winter Queen by Boris Akunin, it is a BINGO book.  So it needs to happen, in fact I think it might make me BINGO once I finish it.


As for the book I'm most excited about, definitely the Norse mythology book.  Norse mythology is something I'm not overly familiar with outside of what I know through the TV show Vikings and the Thor comics.  So I'm pretty happy to have that to be new fixture on my bookcase.  I'm also pretty thrilled for the King Arthur book by John Steinbeck.  The covers I've seen for this book have been pretty bland, so I've never picked it up.  Which is not the case about my cover.  In fact the cover caught my eye before I realized it was by Steinbeck.


This haul was another small one, but lets me honest I only need small hauls right now, and this post as gotten much longer than I intended today.  So, ta-da, my book haul with my Mim.