Library Day

It's the time of the month again.  I realized since our local library is basically on the other end of town, and with where I work now, I never manage to make it that side of town.  Which is sort of an excuse in and of itself seeing as how I two full days off that are normally back-to-back.  However, it is the reason I told myself as to why I checked out so many books.  First of all it's the library and free.  So there is no reason to feel guilty about the number of books.  Secondly, I get them for a month so there is no rush to plow through the pile before everything goes back or I have to remember to renew them.  I have time to weave these into my TBR list that grew by two books, more on those later.


So I got up and around today and ran to the library before the heat was too hot to be in a car with no AC and traffic got crazy for the day.  I spent a good two hours floating between the shelves trying to find things that caught my eye.  A few were already on my To Read list and a few others just sounded good.  In the end I had to stop because my Stuff Bag could no longer hold anymore books.  


I was also loosing feeling my fingers from the straps digging into my shoulders.  Which felt like another good sign that I should head back to the house for the afternoon.  After all, I also had banana bread that needed baking.



As a whole I'm pretty excited for what I got, no surprise there.  I picked up three graphic novels that will be good to read during my lunch breaks.  One of the books I may have gotten super excited when I found it.  Rest in Piece is a book I've wanted to get since I stumbled across it on Goodreads, which is how I found most of the books I need to read, but I've never actually found a physical copy.  I've also gone back and forth with should I buy it on Amazon.  Now I don't have to.  


So yeah, a great little run to my library this morning for some books to weave into my reading over the next month!