New Books by Michael Sullivan

Hands down one of my favorite authors in the fantasy genre is Michael Sullivan. A couple of years ago I stumbled across his books at the library and I fell in love with his two main characters Hadrian and Royce.  Mr. Sullivan is amazing with his fans and includes us in his writing process as much as possible.  While I wish I had the time to beta read the new series he's working on, I can barely bust through my own TBR pile right now.  So instead I'm waiting patiently to try to snag a couple of ARCs or just pre-order them all. There's no way I'm not adding them to my ever growing pile of books.  It's not just two amazing characters that kept me reading Mr. Sullivan's books.  I love his world building, writing style, and the all around tones of his book.  Though if I had to pick a fictional boyfriend, Royce Melborn would be it.


I've mentioned all of this because Michael Sullivan announced this week the release date for the first book in his new series, the First Empire.  Mind I still do have to wait until next year, but in the mean time I read the new book staring Hadrian and Royce.  



What does it mean if the gods can be killed?
In the land of the Rhune, trees can tell the future. Roaw can’t sleep before adding more human bones to their bed. Crimbels steal children through secret doors in the forest, and the gods are beyond reproach. But when Raithe’s father is slain, he does the unthinkable—he kills a god. From this act, rises the legend of the God Killer, the seeds of a rebellion, and the question of whether the gods are really immortal after all.

Before the Dark Ages, there was the age of Myth and Legend. Before kings and castles, there were mystics and heroes. Before two thieves, there was an empire. And before there was an empire, there was Nyphron.

Everything you think you know is a myth.


This is set to be released June 7, 2016



When the last member of the oldest noble family in Avryn is targeted for assassination, Riyria is hired to foil the plot. Three years have passed since the war-weary mercenary Hadrian and the cynical ex-assassin Royce joined forces to start life as thieves-for-hire. Things have gone well enough until they receive the odd assignment to prevent a murder. Now they must venture into a forgotten corner of southern Avryn—a place whose history predates the empire. As usual, challenges abound as they try to anticipate the moves of an unknown assassin before it’s too late. But that's not their only problem. The Countess of Dulgath has a dark secret she's determined to keep hidden. Then there's the little matter of Riyria's new employer...the Nyphron Church.

From the best-selling author of The Riyria Revelations comes the third installment of The Riyria Chronicles. Although part of a series, it's designed to thrill both new readers and Riyria veterans wishing to reunite with their favorite rogues.


This is set to be released, November 15, 2015


I've already secured myself a copy of the Death of Dulgath, along with some other goodies via the Kickstater Michael Sullivan started to help him publish hardback versions of the book.  Once it all arrives I'll gush more about it I'm sure.  I am very excited for newest installment of the Riyria Chronicles.


As for the new series, I'm excited for that one too.  Early reviews for the book have been about 50/50 whether people are enjoying it or not, but I have no doubt I'm going to like it.  Other than the synopsis I don't know a lot about the new series, I want to go into the first book with a clear mind so I can make my own opinions on it next summer. It's all very excited book news for me and I just wanted to share.


Borrowed the synopses and photos via Goodreads.