August Wrap-Up & September Reading Goals

Well, it's sort of a wrap up.  August was an interesting month and I'm no sure where it went.  I honestly hit a wall with my reading this month.  Got to love those book slumps.  It wasn't so much that I couldn't find something I wanted to read.  I have several stacks of books that I want to read, it was about finding one that kept my attention for long periods of time.  I started several books in August: Vengeance Road, Dirty Job, Rest in Pieces, but I just never got around to finishing them.  Instead I would drift to a different book or to a graphic novel.  Then everything at my job exploded, not literally, but it required my full attention.  On top of that Criminal Minds updated on Netflix, and that required a week long marathon.  Also my roommate is back from her summer job and there's been some adjusting on that front.  The last few months I've lived alone and now I'm back to having a roommate.  While I've missed her something fierce, it's weird having another body in the house.  So the last few weeks have been us getting into a routine in the house together and doing adult things.


All of this being said I read two books this month: one graphic novel and a kids book I won in a Giveaway that is going to be a gift for my cousin.  I haven't honestly stressed about my lack of reading this month.  My summer has been packed living close to all of our friends finally, and the weather as been gorgeous all summer.  I spent a lot of time outside reading.  I think my brain just needed a break.


Even though August didn't hold much of a book count for me, I did get to do something pretty epic.  I got to meet Christopher Moore.  I also won two pretty cool books through Goodreads this month, too.  Vengeance Road was one, and the other was Man-Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal.  Getting both made me realize I'm behind on reading and reviewing books I've received through the Giveaways on Goodreads.  Very, very behind.


So during this month long reading slump I came up with a plan to help get me more active on my updates (something I realize I'm constantly saying I need to be) here on the blog.  Every month I set myself small personal goals I know I can accomplish.  For example, this month I want to cook more for my roommate and myself. This way we're eating healthier and have leftovers to take in our lunches instead of just sandwiches.  I'm going to do the same thing with my reading and just making sure I'm blogging more than once every two or three weeks.


September Goals:

3 Bingo Books

Finish 2 Series

2 Goodreads Giveaway Books

Clean & Edit blog

3 Graphic Novels


These are small goals that I know I can get through this month along with the handful of real life things I have to do.  At the moment it looks like things with my job have finally smoothed out.  It's no longer trying to catch on fire, which is very good.  Now I can turn my attention to the stacks of books covering my floor that my cat likes to knock over like a Lego tower.  Maybe in October I should think about doing an unhaul of some books.