The title only seems fitting after my post last night.  Yesterday was rough with the not knowing and all the weird things happening in mouth, and it bled into a long night as well.  My roommate, and best friend, was super awesome and stayed up with me watching Iron Man as long as she could before finally kicking us to our respected beds.  I didn't sleep well but managed some.  My appointment was actually not so bad.  As I've mentioned I just moved, which means a new dentist.  In fact the first trip since we moved across the country.  Thus my anxiety since I've been putting off for, oh three years.


Needless to say two hours later and mouth is still swore from the poking and shoving x-ray equipment into my tiny mouth.  It's all been worth it though.  I have no serious issues that needed attention today.  Everything they found was in the early stages and they set up a plan that will treat it and a few more options to considered in the long run.  It's gonna kick me in the wallet, but hey, it's the dentist.  I'm feeling a bit better now that I know what's wrong, that it's not super serious, and that in a few weeks it'll be taken care of.


In fact that strange thing I noticed about my tooth, not strange.  It's in fact normal, always been like that, I just happened to realize it and have been obsessing over it.  Sounds about right.  


So the next appointment is set and I've taken some extra strength painkillers.  Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for replies and thoughts and prayers.  I super appreciate it.  My normal support system is so far away and it made the world of difference while I was sitting in the waiting room.  THANKS!!!!