What the fridge?!

I blinked and tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Where has the month gone?!  My job has kept me busy with everything we've been doing for the Holidays.  It's been crazy, but sort of fun at the same time.  I stepped away from reading the Golden Son, not because I wasn't enjoying it.  With work I haven't had time to really sit down and really read, and Golden Son is one of those books if I get far enough into it I won't want to put it down.  So I switched gears with the Holiday season and went to an old favorite, Unholy Night by Seth Graham-Smith.  It's one of my favorite reads this time a year.  So I've been picking it up when I have the time.  


The hope is now that Christmas is really only a day away that things will slow back down.  Just the last two weeks alone of been nuts with shopping, work, and Christmas parties to attend.  While it's been stressful, it's been a pretty fun Holiday at our bakery.  I got to see a lot of excited kids going to Santa, and my work family is pretty amazing!


So hopefully the new year will bring back a normal schedule for me, instead of the ever changing one I had this month.  I have a ton of books I'm itching to dig my nose into and I'm really over being so tired.  Plus, I'd love to have time to blog and write.  Last month was brilliant being able to post so much through my read of Red Rising.  I was hoping to keep up the activity during the month of December, but everyone needed cupcakes!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season!!