Bout of Books Day 3


Well, it's pretty late and I'm just now getting to my update for Day 3 of the Bout.  I already knew today was going to be a short reading day for me, honestly.  There is something about Wednesday in my shops.  We just can never seem to get the hang of them.  On the upside it wasn't that crazy, but the downside was I didn't get a lot of chances to crack open my book.  After work I was off to the movie theater to see BBC Sherlock on the big screen.  Which was totally worth missing out on a few hours of reading time.  All that said I did in fact catch about an hour this morning to read in my car before I had to crawl into work.


The challenge for Day 3 was the Rainbow Challenge set up by Ranty Runt of a Reader.  We were to either take a photo of some of books set up in the color of a rainbow or to make a "acrostic poem style rainbow. Since I wasn't home at all today I was going to shoot for the poem version.  Until I realize that I couldn't think, or find on my shelf, and author whose last name started with either an O, Y, I, or, V.  So I think I failed this challenge.  Oh, well onto the next.


All-in-all, I did manage to start Monstrous, and it is adorable!  My "weekend" has finally arrived.  Outside of a vet visit I have no reason to leave my house.  So I feel the need to make a blanket fort and settle into a couple of books!