Bout of Books Day 5


Well it's that time again, an update for Bout of Books Day 5, and it was a wonderful day.  It was the first time in three weeks that I was able to sleep until there was double digits on the clock.  The first day in three weeks where I wasn't needed to go anywhere at all.  So I was able to spend the entire afternoon and evening reading.  Which was a good thing because I'm well through the halfway point of Monstrous and I'm thoroughly sucked into the story now.  In fact as soon as this posted I'm going back to it.  It's that adorable!  Despite having to go back to work tomorrow I have full faith that I'll be able to finish both my Doctor Who book and Monstrous by the end of the Read-a-Thon Sunday night.


Today challenge was brought on by The Book Monsters and it is a bookish Scavenger Hunt.



Book Scavenger Hunt:

1. Book Shelves

2. A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books

Monstrous - MarcyKate Connolly 

3. A Book and a Beverage

4. Blue Books

5. Cozy Reading Spot


Don't mind the fat boy in this last picture.  He has been my reading companion the last couple of days.  Mostly because I have been gone with work so much we've had no time to cuddle outside of me sleeping.  Today has been the one thing I've needed since the Holidays started.  The house to myself and just my book.  I feel more like myself today than I have in the last week and I'm thankful for that.  Now I just need to survive Valentine's Day! Also, that is only blue I own outside of one I've already shown on my blog and using that book felt a bit like cheating. I found the Great Trouble hiding under a couple of other books and my BruceBear. Go figure.