Clean Slate Read-A-Thon Day 2 and Day 3


Day 2 was a bust with zero reading on my part.  I have no excuse except that it's all Shawn Spencer's fault.


Despite the day trying my very last patience, Day 3, because apparently I was not meant to ever get to go home, I managed it.  I even manged to make it time to cook dinner and watch Shadowshunters on what we call the Harry Potter Channel (but it is actually ABC Family, well Free Form now, they really should just call it the Harry Potter Channel.  Afterward I did manage to curl up and read.  Since the day had been a little rough I wanted something light and funny so I grabbed Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula.  It was the perfect way to end a pretty hectic day.  First Second rarely lets me down.




Just like last week the Clean Slate Read-A-Thon also comes with some Mini-Challenges.  Day one came with a challenge,  Bookish Resolutions.  Which I took the time figure some out in what felt like never ending traffic last night.


Book Resolutions:


1. Read more of the books I actually own.

2. Limit my book hauls for the year.

3. Shake up the kinds of books I read.

4. Find more time to read then just my two days off.


Blog Resolutions:


1. Stay active with posts and people I follow.

2. Schedule a few things each month to post.

3. Try to do at least one discussion post this year.

4. Throw up a giveaway to introduce at least one more person to one of my favorite books.


Personal Resolutions:


1. Get my stuff more organized. 

2. Do more things for me.  Things I say I want to do, but then find a reason not to.

3. Starting putting my novel out there for people to see.  Time to be brave.


I included my personal ones because now I have no choice but to stick with them because as we know, what's it's on the internet it never goes away.  Also though, they are three simple little things I've either put off or fallen away from.  I want 2016 to be a good year.  Last year hit some bumps, as life is want to do, but I want less of those this year.  I've already started with #2 and I'm planning a trip to see the family soon.  Now I have Pita Chips to cook and books to read.


Sunday, January 10
Reading: Between work and a need to re-watch Pysch I got nothing read today.
Pages Read: 0
Books completed today: N/A

Monday, January 11
Reading: See Sunday, same excuse. :(
Pages Read: 0
Books completed today: N/A

Tuesday, January 12
Reading: Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula
Pages Read: 172
Books completed today: 1

Wednesday, January 13

Reading: Rocket Raccoon, Chasing Tale, Rasputin, the Road to the Winter Palace,and Illuminae
Pages Read: 
Books completed today: