Clean Slate Read-A-Thon Day 8


Last day of Clean Slate Read-A-Thon!  The upside is I got to spend the entire afternoon reading, because I didn't have to a pull a double yesterday.  I'd like to say I came home and read more, but while that was the plan I ended up getting sidetracked by other things.  All in all it was a good eight days of reading!  Tomorrow after work I'll toss up a wrap up post with everything.


Sunday, January 10
Reading: Between work and a need to re-watch Pysch I got nothing read today.
Pages Read: 0
Books completed today: N/A

Monday, January 11
Reading: See Sunday, same excuse. :(
Pages Read: 0
Books completed today: N/A

Tuesday, January 12
Reading: Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula
Pages Read: 172
Books completed today: 1

Wednesday, January 13
Reading: Rocket Raccoon, Chasing Tale, Rasputin, the Road to the Winter Palace,and Illuminae
Pages Read: 320
Books completed today: 2 and 20 pages into Illuminae

Thursday, January 14

Reading: Illuminae
Pages Read: 100
Books completed today: N/A

Friday, January 15

Reading: Illuminae

Pages Read: 135

Books completed today: N/A

Saturday, January 16

Reading: Illuminae

Pages Read: 73

Books completed today:  N/A

Sunday, January 17

Reading: Iluminae

Pages Read: 92

Books completed today: N/A