I did not realize

When the year started I wanted my reading motto to be, Read Harder, because doing it smarter overwhelms me.  I can't organize what I'm going to read.  What sounds good today doesn't always mean I'm going to want to read it tomorrow.  So I want to Read Harder.  All the books I've been meaning to pick up.  The ones I pushed aside because I should be reading that.  Reduce my book buying until I can march my way through the stacks.  The reasons and ideas go on and on and on.  


What my motto should be: 2016, the year all my favorite series get new books and I some how miss the memo.  


Sure it's a little long, but I'm beginning to see a pattern.  After some dinking around Goodreads.  Looking at some of the recs that popped, flipping through some graphic novels I might want to add to my Hold list at the library.  I was like, I wounder if Alex Grecian has a new book he's working on that Rasputin Volume 2 is out.  Wouldn't you know the series that I thought was over.  Which was one of the reasons I've been putting off finishing the series, because four books wasn't enough.  It has a new book.



I just went through this with the Lady Trent Series.  So I did some digging to make sure it's not some small little novella like the Blue Girl.  Nope.  It's all true, Lost and Gone Forever will be her in May, and that cover.  So creepy!  I only have one reaction to the four month wait I'm now enduring.



Basically it gives me time to finally read Harvest Man, the fourth book in the series so I'll be ready for the new book on release day.  It will also hopefully mean the Alex Grecian will come all the way out here during his book tour.  I have yet to be so lucky.  I'm going to be entering to win a copy of this book ever single chance I get.  I need it in my life!