Most Anticipated - February Edition

Not only do I have a lot of good books piled up to read in February, but there a lot of good things getting released this month.  A few books still sitting on my TBR pile are getting sequels this month.  Which is a reminder I need to get on top of things and read the first books.  Of all the new releases coming in February there are four that I'm pretty excited to get my hands my hands on.


A Criminal Magic - Lee Kelly


Release Date: February 2nd

Author: Lee Kelly

Genre: Historical Fiction / Urban Fantasy

Series: Stand Alone

Shelf: On Order


Magic is powerful, dangerous and addictive - and after passage of the 18th Amendment, it is finally illegal.

It's 1926 in Washington, DC, and while Anti-Sorcery activists have achieved the Prohibition of sorcery, the city's magic underworld is booming. Sorcerers cast illusions to aid mobsters' crime sprees. Smugglers funnel magic contraband in from overseas. Gangs have established secret performance venues where patrons can lose themselves in magic, and take a mind-bending, intoxicating elixir known as the sorcerer's shine.


Rasputin Volume 2 - Riley Rossmo,Alex Grecian 


Release Date: February 2nd

Author: Alex Grecian

Genre: Graphic Novel

Series: Volume 2

Shelf: On Order


What really happened at that fateful dinner and how did Rasputin survive his plunge into the icy river in 1916? All is revealed as a new life begins for the mad monk at Ellis Island.



Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown 


Release Date: February 9th

Author: Pierce Brown

Genre: Dystopian / Sci-Fi

Series: Red Rising Book 3

Shelf: On Hold at Library


Red Rising thrilled readers and announced the presence of a talented new author. Golden Son totally changed the game and took the story of Darrow to the next level. Now comes the exhilarating conclusion to the Red Rising Trilogy: Morning Star.


Ravenous - MarcyKate Connolly 


Release Date: February 9th

Author: MarcyKate Connolly

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Series: Monstrous #2

Shelf: On Hold at Library


A witch has come to the city of Bryre. She travels in a hut that has chicken feet, and is ravenous for children. And once she gets what she desires, she never lets it go. It is a Hansel and Greta re-telling.


Big thanks to Goodreads for the brief descriptions of the books.  I'm excited for a lot of things getting ready to hit shelves, but these are the four that I wan to make sure I read in 2016.  The ones I don't want to see hit the bottom of my TBR pile.