Pierce Brown Book Event

One of items on my bookish to-do list was to attend two book/author events this month.  The first of those events was Pierce Brown's Book Tour for Morning Star, the third, and final, book in the Red Rising Trilogy.  I was really excited for this one because I am a huge of fan of the series.  In fact my Red Rising book is pretty battered because I took it ever where with me while I was reading it.  Even if I knew I would only have time for a single page.  I highlighted passages that meant something to me, things Darrow said that held power, pieces that when I reread I wanted to remember.  I cried toward the end when the Jackal murdered the world's biggest teddy bear, and I've been afraid finish reading Golden Son.  Not because I don't think I'll like it, but because I'm afraid of who I'm going to have say good-bye too.  I'm just not ready to loose some of them.  If I could wrap Mickey up in a blanket and shield him from the mean, mean lady I would!



The bookstore was a packed house for the event, to the point a lot of us were standing because they ran out of chairs for all of us.  It was pretty awesome to see so many people had also fallen in love with Pierce Brown's writing.  Pierce Brown was great and was quick to connect with all of us.  It was a super laid back atmosphere as he read from the prologue of Morning Star.  Apparently it was the only safe part to read since the rest of it was just one big spoiler.



Next up Pierce Brown took fan questions, as is the usual protocol for these things.  It was cool to get a look inside of the making of the series and the characters themselves.  He even gave some advice to all the writer's in the room that I will have to take to heart.  Pierce Brown writes wonderful characters, no matter how cruel.  In fact one of them gives me an actual want to be able to reach through the pages just so I can strangle her.


Oh yeah, I'm talking to you, Harmony.


Pierce Brown didn't just give us a look inside the book, but he also talked about the process he's going through to turn Red Rising in a movie.  Which was kind of cool since it's all in the beginning stages of production at the moment.  We all got a little bit of a look to what Pierce Brown wanted for the movie and the script.


Lastly, of course, we all got queued up to get our book signed.  Sadly I arrived right before the start of the event so I was toward the back of the line.  Which was fine because I able to see Pierce Brown interact with all of us.  He took time to listen to the praise and answer a few more one-on-one questions as he signed books.  Every single one of us got the same treatment which I thought was pretty awesome.  The two of us even nerded out over Star Wars as he signed my beat-up copy of Red Rising thanks to my R2-D2 backpack.



Without a doubt it was a pretty epic evening.  I am super excited to finally finish the series, despite how much I know it's going to hurt.  Plus, I'm really interested to see what Pierce Brown's next series is going to be.  He announced today that the new project will be released in a week when he's down with his tour for Morning Star.


Here is to hoping that Sevro survives whatever's coming.