Library Haul

Been a few weeks since I've done one of these guys.  Mostly because I've had enough to read and haven't needed to add more to the stacks.  It's also been a little because I've had a hard time deciding what to read next since finishing The New Hunger.  However two of my Holds came in, and they are both ones I've been wanting to read.  So I picked them up this week.  I'm hoping they'll hold my interest and I'll stop jumping from book to book.


Truthwitch - Susan Dennard  Shallow Graves - Kali Wallace  


Both of these are my Most Anticipated list for this January.  So I'm hoping to get of my weird reading ADD thing and fine something to hook me in.


Last Haul:

Six of Crows  (had to return)

Night Parade

Something Nasty in the Woodshed (returned)

Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye

Baby Yaga's Assistant

Twisted Fairy Tales (DNF)

Literary Lives of Inklings

Don't Point That Thing at Me  (DNF)

The New Hunger