February Wrap Up

Okay, so I didn't read as hard as I should have for February.  I mean I tried to, I started a few books, put them down, and picked up another one.  It wasn't that any of them were bad books.  The only problem was none of them were what I was in the mood for. They would hold my interest for the time I was reading them, and the next day I wouldn't be in the mood to pick it back up. So, I'm basically in book limbo.  I have tons of awesome things I could be reading, just wish I knew which one I wanted to be reading.  The upside is I'm still ahead of my of reading goal for the year and I get a bit of a vacation this month which I plan on doing a heavy bit of reading!  


Now, to my very tiny February stats!



Books Read: 2

Pages Read: 394

Series Started: Warren the 13th

DNF: Twisted Fairy Tales

Favorite February Book: The New Hunger

Currently Reading: Queen of Thieves

Put Aside: The Devil's Workshop

BINGO Books: 2 , still no BINGOs




So I've actually managed to find a book that's holding my interest and I have a few lined up to read after I'm done. I'm also putting a few aside for my vacation this month as well. Basically I need to read all of my library books before I leave.  Otherwise there will be so many fines.  


How was everyone else's month?