Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling Review

Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling - Tony Cliff

"I am a fancy lady and you are my footman."


When Delilah is framed as a spy by an English Officer, her and Selim travel to London to clear her good name.  Only things don't go as planned and her passion for revenge puts pressure on her friendship with Selim. So with the lies building and time running out, Delilah needs to clear her name and protect the Crown's officer before France tips the balance of war in their favor.  


I have been waiting for The King's Shilling to be released since 2011 when I read the first book, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant.  Which I was lucky enough to win a copy of from the writer, and illustrator, Tony Cliff.  I instantly fell and love and have been following the build of for the release of the second installment since.  In fact I carved out an entire morning on my day off just so I could sit down and enjoy it without any distractions, and I had barely put it down before my flatmate had picked it up.  


Without a single doubt, King's Shilling was worth the wait.  It was everything I love about this first Delilah Dirk graphic novel, and more.


Just like the Turkish Lieutenant, the entire story is told from Selim's point of view, and author Tony Cliff, throws us into the story.  Though honestly it's just another day for Delilah Dirk and Selim.  For me I felt like the story started off and high note and ended with a promise for the future with these two.  It was nice to get a longer, in-depth, story arc for the second installment now that we've been introduced to the characters.  There was no back stepping in this book to remind us how the characters met.  You are just thrown straight into the story and expected to keep up.  Personally I liked that, but that means the first installment, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, must be read before starting this second book. 


Never once did I feel like story lagged.  There were a few quiet panels where we get a little look at where Delilah came from and the people who turned her into the adventurer we met in the Turkish Lieutenant. I enjoyed the journey that Tony Cliff took us on and was glad to see a few more pages in this book compared to the first.  It was also nice to see things get a little personal for Delilah.  Which isn't something we really saw in last installment.


Selim had definitely grown since the last book as well, Delilah was her usual self, which was a bad thing per say.  She was already a strong a character and at the start of the book she was consistent with where we left her.  Which was good, but for the plot kind of bad.  Confused?  Good, I don't wanna give any spoilers away.  But, Selim, he has grown since he first met Delilah, so has their friendship.  You can see the trust they have in each other and just how comfortable they are with one another.  Also it was nice to see that Selim has learned to read Delilah to know what will happen when her plans, like the usually do, don't got quite as planned.


The artwork was wonderful once again as well.  Tony Cliff is an amazing illustrator and I always take a little a longer to catch on the detail in each panel.  He draws sarcasm so well. Which is good since that is Delilah's main form of communication.


By the end I was said to see the back flap getting closer, but I honestly felt like everything was tied up pretty well.  I feel like Delilah and Selim's friendship grew into something stronger through this book, because Delilah realized just how much the man means for her.  Most of all I love the fact that ending was open so we could possible get another installment.  Which probably means another wait, but for Delilah Dirk and Selim, I think I can do.


I totally recommend Delilah Dirk to anyone who loves the Indian Jones movies.  That was the reason I took a chance on the first book, because the tag line said she was the female version of Doctor Jones. There is action, adventures, laughs, and lots of Victorian things.  It's honestly a wonderful read and I adore them very much!  What more could you want than a sword fighting Victorian Lady and her always there with the save Turkish Lieutenant?